In his weekly WBF on Moz’s blog, Rand Fishkin said “In B2B marketing, the sales team only wants content that reaches the lead at the company to which they are selling.  But, in fact, reaching anyone who nudges/influences/manages people in that role at the company (or outside it – press/social influencers/bloggers/etc) is a pursuit worthy of equal effort (and can often dramatically expand your content opportunities)”

And I agree with him, now this particular statement made me research and compile 15 mistakes most B2B content marketers make.

Where B2B content marketers go wrong begins with the funnel, any marketing funnel would look like this:

  • Awareness – At this stage, leads are familiar with your company, product or service.
  • Consideration – They consider if it’s something they want to buy.
  • Comparison – Leads compares your offer with related solutions then pitch it to the decision makers.
  • Conversion – DECISION MAKERS sign off on purchasing your offer, leads become customers.
  • Retention – Customers are recurring buyers and brand advocates.

15 Mistakes To Avoid In B2B Content Marketing

Mistakes most B2B Content Marketers Make:

  1. Targeting the wrong part of the funnel – marketers know which part of the funnel needs help vs works fine. Before creating content, content creators should look at what part of the funnel, it would affect or which part of the funnel is more in need of assistance
  2. Trying to target more than 2 stages of your funnel with content marketing.
  3. Measuring results by the wrong metrics – success in B2B should be measured by business goals and not marketing goals like B2C. Don’t take the wrong metrics of B2C and apply it to B2B
  4. Thinking B2B has only one buyer like B2C (usually there is a chain involved in B2B buyers so whoever it is you are selling to, would have to consult with whoever makes the buying decision before buying from you. It’s like trying to sell a toy to a child, you market to the parents instead.
  5. 15 Mistakes To Avoid In B2B Content MarketingNot having an overlapping persona analysis – most times, marketers target the buyer persona so much that might work in B2C but in B2B you create content and market around the potentials that could lead you to the buyer.
  6. Not creating content that would lead your buyer down the funnel
  7. Trying to save cost on paid advertising, paid channel, content amplification.
  8. Too much form fields on landing pages when 70% of visitors are mobile (put a teaser out, ask for little information as you can)
  9. Formulating guides to attract only one lead, then you ask for so much information in the opt-in form (I feel like I am giving away my soul) you don’t need all that information (Full Contact API can give you all the information you need just by plugging in an email address).
  10. 15 Mistakes To Avoid In B2B Content MarketingNot reusing the audience for future content amplification (when next you produce another related piece of content you can mail that lead since you like Piece A, we created Piece B just for you.
  11. Not taking the emails and uploading it to Google or Facebook and showing related content to the via paid ads.
  12. Thinking your target audience has a lot of time.
  13. No proper outline for the types of conversion (soft and hard) Hard is when a customer’s fills in a form to be contacted by the sales team or when a customer request for quotes while soft conversion is when a lead expresses interest in your content or company, maybe watch the video or share and follow your company on social media.
  14. Not following up soft conversion with incentives and offer: contest, giveaways or discount should be run on social media to bring in hard conversion and down the funnel to the “retention”
  15. Focusing so much on creating awareness that you forget the retain customers who have made a purchase from your company.


You can always check out the full video by Rand Fishkin containing the lessons listed above on the Moz’s blog