In the flooded world of blogging, most bloggers have learned to open their doors to relatives and host them in their own homes.
Guest blogging is the act of writing on another blog or inviting others to post their content on your blog.
It is a popular trend in the blogging hemisphere for guest posts to pop up all around with links back to the blog of the writer and credit to the writer. Statistics show that in the past three years, guest blogging has grown to a popular trend amongst bloggers like Silvio publishing 44 guest posts on 41 different blogs over a period of 5 months.
But venturing into guest blogging should be carried out with precision, purpose, and ethics. Here are a few guidelines to abide by:
  • From an SEO angle, guest posts on publications related to your industry.
  • Create actionable, fresh and evergreen content for the target publications.
  • Keep your guest post pitch succinct.

6 Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. Revenue

Neil Patel, who publishes an average of 100 guest posts per year, earns an average of $1000 per year from guest blogging. He explains that guest blogging, when done for the right blog not for quantity, but with full emphasis on the quality would generate the needed revenue for the writer.
Working as a guest blogger generates revenue for you without you going through the stress a blogger would, all you have to do is put your best foot out there and the cash keeps rolling in. It is a win-win situation for both parties (publication and writer). If a guest blogger earns an average of $1000 yearly from guest blogging, it is safe to say that the blog owner earns more than that.
Moving away from the immediate monetary benefit, inbound marketer Gregory Ciotti gained 36, 773 email subscribers by using these strategies on his blog.

2. Helps you improve your writing skills

Most guest bloggers put up posts of 1000 words as guest writers and this helps you to cut down on excessive writing that waters down your write-ups. The more you write, the better you get.
That statement is as true as anything but the more you write under different circumstances, the better you get.
When guest blogging, you write under certain rules that you might be prone to skip writing on your terms. So writing for another publication or putting up your work in a different environment makes you more conscious of your writing skills. It keeps you in constant check as a writer.
You have to read wide, write better and not take a step out of the mediocre class, but move into an estate of professionals and audiences.
For example, Bryan Harris, who gained over 1, 086 visits the same day his first guest blog went live noted that he spent 20+ hours writing.
Edit and edit the article to ensure quality and invite a different pair of eyes to review before submission.

3. Credibility

Statistics from Social Marketing Writing found that 62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. Also, there is a certain amount of credibility or reputation that comes with writing for different publications.
A blog that has more than one writer, has a certain dash of variety to it. There is a concept that sticking to a process brings consistency but there is a better chance of attraction and progress when there is always something new to look forward to.
A new writer, a new post, a new concept, a new style, a slice of what guest blogging makes available.
More tips on building credibility include: accepting and submitting diverse content (various ideas and categories and push for consistency (using an editorial calendar/publishing schedule).

4. Blog awareness (blog visitors)

Every online business owner prays for the day they receive millions of subscribers or a billion read (which will never happen.
Guest bloggers that include links to their own blogs in their bylines get a certain amount of exposure resulting in inbound traffic and higher search engine rankings.
When guest blogging for visitors, take a two-pronged approach. Guest blog for a broader audience then guest blog for a targeted audience (hard to find), the latter depends on the end goal of your traffic.
5. Nurture Relationship with Other Bloggers
The blogging community thrives on networking just like every other basic community does. The more connections you have, the wider your network, the more blogs you publish on as a guest blogger with credibility, the more representation and recommendation you get.
Guest blogging helps you build a reputation and nurture relationships in the blogging community. It basically takes you a notch higher on the food chain. The more content published in your name, the more awareness you get, and the more awareness you get, the wider your network.
6. Traffic
Generating traffic is a major goal for every blogger and the more links and content pointing to your blog, the better your chances of generating traffic, both on your blog and on that which you are a guest blogger.
So the concept of guest blogging is one that fuels traffic for every blogger that chooses to walk that path. All you have to do is put up a post, use catchy phrases and topics, put up links and allow search engines do the rest for you.
Final Words
Years after its concluded death, guest blogging remains effective towards inbound marketing purposes.
Between hiring a guest blogger and running your campaign in-house, the benefits of guest blogging cannot be quantified and will affect your search engine rankings.
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