Do Snapchat Marketing Like A Pro

In a report by Bloomberg News, Snapchat now delivers more than 7 billion videos to users each day.

Starting out as a photo exchanging app which disappears after 10 seconds, little did we know it would become the highest holder of engagement in 2016.

Due to its popularity and audience, businesses and marketers are constantly looking for ways to interact with the app audience.

You might be thinking my business does not cater for teenagers and millennials but the truth is, if your business plans to be around for the next decade or more  then you would be selling to millennials and the generation Z.

How can your business benefit from the Snapchat audience or effectively use the platform to achieve business goals?

  • Provide Access to Live Events
  • Provide Access to Exclusive Content
  • Take Customers Behind The Scenes
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Run Contests
  • Effective Storytelling

Examples of businesses succeeding at Snapchat marketing:

  • Asos – the British retailer understands their target audience and is meeting them on Snapchat. Constantly showcasing new and exclusive merchandise, offering discount codes to its Snapchat audience and live streaming fashion shows and tours.
  • Audi – the luxury car maker uses Snapchat to take customers behind the scenes of operations, car manufacturing and designs, first time testing of cars and also showcasing aesthetics designs of future products.

With a good understanding of how Snapchat can be beneficial to your business, how do you do Snapchat marketing like a pro?

Snapchat Marketing Like A Pro

  1. Always Create The Right Content

Just like every other visual marketing platform including Twitter and Instagram, businesses are expected to be authentic, friendly and creative while maintaining some sense of professionalism.

For a business in the retail industry, posting content relating to new shipment and inventory, offering discount codes and live-streaming flash sales would definitely win the hearts of the Snapchat audience, increase the number of customers and finally increase brand perception.

Instead of constantly saying “check out our website, we have a new sale”, showcase customers using your products, offer value, show some normal operations in the office or at the warehouse.

Remember to use a lot of humor, upload funny videos of employees having fun or a birthday, address your audience with concise words instead of general words.

For example: Use “you need a pair of shoes” instead of “people need a pair of shoes”.

That way your brand and businesses appeal to the audience as approachable, caring, human and friendly.

  1. Use Filters, Geo Filters, Lenses, Emoji Stickers and Face Swaps (if you choose)

With most of its users below the age of 25, it would be more effective to use Snapchat’s editing features to amplify your content and story.

Upload your photos, apply filters, add text to your photos, keep tweaking and editing till you get your desired result.

Emoji stickers can be creatively used to make funny memes, video, and images. To use the emoji stickers on Snapchat, tap the sticker icon, choose an emoji then add to your image or press and hold on to pin the sticker to your video. The emoji stickers can be resizable and moved around.

Snapchat Geofilters are simple ways to mark up or add an overlay on picture or video based on the user’s location. Businesses can also create on-demand geofilters to promote events, trends, and campaign.

To create Snapchat geofilters starts at $5 a day and increases depending your desired location to be covered.

Bear in mind, your location determines the cost of your geofilter, businesses in Minnesota and New York would not be paying the same amount per square foot.

Statistics has shown, digital interaction with customers influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015. Effectively using geofilters to promote your business would influence customers purchasing power and increase sales.

  1. Leverage My Story

With the recent updates to Snapchat, users are able to store their snaps (photos and videos) in their account for 24 hours. During that period, your audience can replay any of your snaps and afterward they are deleted automatically.

To add your snaps to your story, while editing your snap, click on the rectangular icon with a plus sign at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on the icon would add your snap to your story feed then swipe right to access your feeds under “my story”.

  1. Promote Your Snapchat account across all other social media network.

It is impossible to grow a generic following on Snapchat alone since your feeds are accessible to you and friends alone.

Constantly promote your Snapchat profile across other owned social networks to grow an engaged and substantial following.

Effective Ways Of Promoting Your Snapchat Account:

  • Upload your snapcode to your other social networks
  • Use the snapcode as profile pictures on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads
  • Partner With Influencers
  • Create a new cover photo with your snapcode for your Facebook and Twitter page
  • Print your snapcodes on cups, shirts, snapbacks, etc.

Bonus Tip:  Go to Settings > Manage > Smart filters turn it on to enable other feature like rewind and more visually appealing filter.


While Snapchat is constantly searching for ways to monetize the platform, businesses should get on the train ahead of others to establish authority and build a following.

Using the above tips with some level of creativity, Snapchat marketing for businesses should be both easy and economical.