Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Are you tapping into the full potential of Twitter ads?

500 million tweets are sent out every day on Twitter and you are doing your business a disservice if you don’t have a social media strategy for Twitter.

Do you command a huge following on Twitter, planning to build a brand or use it for customer support then you need Twitter Ads.

Setting Up Twitter Ads

Setting up your account for Twitter ads is very much basic, simply click on the drop-down menu beside the new tweet icon (on PC) then you see an option for Twitter ads as you can see in the image below:

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Twitter ads can be used for almost all purposes on Twitter including:

  • Gaining More Exposure 
  • Promoted Tweets – sharing content, building a brand voice, offering deals, gain visibility
  • Promoted Trends – building awareness around a product, building awareness around an event, build branding awareness by association
  • Promoted profile – gain more followers, build a brand
  • Gaining Leads – Twitter cards
  • Driving Web Traffic


Features Of Twitter Ads


Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are mainly used for gaining more exposure, sharing content to a larger audience, offering deals to customers or prospects, gaining visibility for your brand or business. They appear at the top of users timeline, at the beginning of search results just like Google results but this time, there is a watermark under the tweets with “Promoted” highlighted in yellow.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads
A promoted tweet

The average CTR (click through rate) for promoted tweets are usually between 1-3% and higher for mobile users which is a better deal than Facebook ads but bear in mind that the CPC (cost per click) for promoted tweets went up by 20% which means you have to pay more for promoted tweets compared to Facebook ads.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends can be found on the lower left column under your profile summary. Promoted Trends are valuable in increasing visibility, promoting an event, product launch and more, sadly they don’t appear in between Tweets but they remain visible among the trends column.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads
An example of a promoted trend

Promoted Profile

A promoted profile pops up in between tweets or users timeline after targeting or launching your ads. A promoted profile can be used to increase following, build a brand and gain visibility or brand awareness with a catchy bio.


A promoted profile pop up as suggestions while following new Twitter users or in search results on Twitter. Great bargain if you ask me but the average CTR of a promoted profile is 8 – 24% higher.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads
A promoted profile

Leads Generation

In a research, about 34% of marketers have successfully generated leads through Twitter, well I believe the remaining must have been doing something wrong for their efforts to be futile.

Lead generation can be quite easy to setup once you have a great copywriter and experienced social media marketer to set up your Twitter cards for lead generation.

With the ability to include media, visuals and a call to action, lead generation tweets definitely stands out from normal tweets and it’s exceptionally useful for driving interest to your offers and see how it converts.


Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Website Clicks and Conversion

Twitter ads can be used to drive traffic to your website’s landing page either to make a purchase or email sign up while this might not be exactly effective considering the fact that most people would not want to leave their timeline unless the offer is exceptionally inviting.


App Installs Or Re-engagement

Twitter ads can be used to drive users to install apps considering the facts that 75% of twitter users are mobile, this is definitely a winning strategy. Twitter cards can be configured to install the app directly or lead to a download platform.


How do you set up Twitter Ads for Lead Generation

Head over to the drop down menu with your avatar on it and select Twitter ads, a new tab is opened which redirect you to a page where you select your type of campaign, just like in the screenshot below:

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Select Leads on Twitter, you get another drop down menu where you click on select and continue

Basic guide to Twitter Ads
New Campaign For Twitter Ads

Name your campaign, select audience, select gender, select where you want your promoted tweets to appear, select your budget then finally you get into the creative process of designing your tweets.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Pay close attention to every detail, as this process would determine the success of your campaign.

I would advise you hire a social media marketing expert to create your campaign while you focus on other things.


Tweet Above Lead Generation Card

Compose your lead generation tweet no more than 140 characters, I would advise you craft your tweet with no more than 100 characters, that way it is succinct and converts better.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Lead Generation Card

Lead generation cards are attached to your tweet in such a way that in two clicks, twitter users can fill in their contact information without leaving their timeline. It basically consists of an image which drives home or does its best to interpret your tweet to your audience, a contact form with empty fields to capture users information.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads
A perfect lead generation card on Twitter

Call To Action (CTA)

Your Twitter ads for lead generation should include a call to action which is directly under your lead generation card. Click on the huge blue cross icon, then you fill in a short description of your offer, follow by your CTA below then a link to the privacy policy of your business (your ads won’t launch without one.

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

Make sure to create and test different call to actions, description to determine what works best for your Twitter ads and brand.


Card Name

Now, this is a slot for optimization purposes. Fill in whatever resonates with you.

There you have it, your lead generation card is set up for launch, remember to pay attention to your tweet, call to action, lead generation card and finally the design and color of everything.


Completing The Creatives

The creatives describe your twitter card as it would appear on users timelines. Remember to fill in each position correctly, create different templates and test to determine which converts more.


Adding Your CRM

It is best to add your CRM system to your Twitter lead generation card to synchronize collected information directly without the need for exporting data into spreadsheets. After this process is completed, leads are automatically sent from Twitter into your CRM

Basic guide to Twitter Ads

In Conclusion

Using the above guidelines and the services of an experienced social media manager, you should receive expected ROI in Twitter ads which can be expensive. Do you have experiences using Twitter ads? Do you need help with Twitter ads? Let me know in your comments or reach out to me through the contact page.